Explanations of Contribution to the Project Research Program


Job descriptions



1. Drawing
2. Picture taking, sound recording
3. Making recapitulations of interviews
4. Editing written information
5. Drafting the interview drafts
6. Completing progress reports
7. Gathering information
8. Transferring videotapes and sound recording information
9. Completing Parents’ Letter of Agreement
10. Interviews
11. Arrangement and decoration of exhibition at school
12. Questionnaires and statistics
13. Contents of publicity webpages



1. Drafting project name and program
2. Holding team meetings
3. Project research information conclusion and analysis
4. Instruction and reviews on the webpages
5. Instruction at computer skills
6. Instruction at picture taking skills
7. Instruction at interview drafts and interviewing skills
8. Assisting in contacting interviewees
9. Instruction at searching information
10. Completing progress reports
11. Communication between the school and parents
12. Sending Letter of Authorization and Parents’ Letter of Agreement
13. Drafting and pushing the progress
14. Picking up students to the interviewees and bringing them back



1. Offering materials
2. Accepting interviews
3. Providing pictures


Teachers at the school

1. Accepting interviews
2. Assisting in class publicity at school
3. Consultation on webpage skills
4. Offering storage space of webpages
5. Offering hyperlink of the school to students
6. Assisting in applying for funds
7. Assisting in poster display at the school



1. Helping picking up students
2. Assistance in taking pictures