¡¯Elements of Project Research Program

I. Please explain how your project research program conforms to the goals and objectives of Taiwan School Cyberfair:

The nine-year-consistency education focuses on training of country people with humanism feelings, integration capability, democracy qualities, native and international consciousness and life-long learning. With Master Lin Rong-chun as our research target, we aim to train students with the capability with them by collection and making of project information.

It includes framing of plans, collection of information, interviews, questionnaires, and webpage making skills, etc. From the teaching site, we discovered that students were enthusiastic about exploration but without proper guide for project exploration. In addition to presentation of research results, it is our hope that students will experience the meaning of preservation of culture and research skills from this research. We keep using the opportunities to help students search and integrate the information on their own and understand the connection between preservation of art and life and culture and further pay attention to changes around us in life.

In the extension of research effects, through publicity at classes, exhibition at school and arrangement of information, we offered an alternative opportunity to edit courses besides those of the school. Also, our research model also provides the school with similar theme teaching reference.



II. Please explain with what kinds of information technology you completed your project research program?

We used the following information technologies to collect information and remaking:




Contacting interviewees and members

Recording pens

Recording interviews

Digital Video Recorders

Recording interviews and visits

Digital cameras

Taking pictures and re-shooting of information pictures


Scanning pictures on the books and old pictures

Flash disks

Backing up data


Watching videotapes


Making webpages, storing data, enquiring information online, burning CD¡¦s

Portable computers

Making webpages, storing data, enquiring information online


Searching information

Computer software

Aodbe Photoshop
Ulead Photo Impact 8
Microsoft Frontpage
Internet Explorer
Microsoft Word 2000(XP)
Macromedia Dreamweaver MX
Macromedia Flash MX
Windows Movie Maker
Microsoft PowerPoint
Good Colors
Nero Start Smart



III. Students participating in this project research program are ambassadors representing their hometowns to introduce the characteristics of their hometowns to the whole world. Please explain how members of your team play the role of ambassadors online or via individuals?

The research is mainly based on interviews. In addition to making appointments with telephone, we also contacted with the interviewees by e-mails. During the interviews, we got to know some people and took the opportunity to promote our research program to them.

At school, besides submitting articles to school magazine, with flexible time, we conducted theme study in combination of Chinese, Society and general courses to arrange reports on Cloth-horse Formation at classes and conducted questionnaire investigation and exhibition at school.

As for publicity to the outside, besides being invited to take part at the Information Fair in Ilan County, we also printed folded pages of the school¡¦s award winning at the Taiwan School Cyberfair to promote our research program. Moreover, our research also helped Town All Awarding Ceremony invite Cloth-horse Formation Association of Zhu An Elementary School to perform with Master Lin Rong-chun.

At the moment, we have obtained support from the school and are preparing to have webpages translated into English to participate in the International School Cyberfair. It is our hope to have more people understand and appreciate the beauty of traditional art.



IV. What influences and impact do your project research program bring to you?

At the Town All Awarding Ceremony, we saw Master Lin Rong-chun leading Cloth-horse Formation Association of Zhu An Elementary School preparing to perform on the afternoon from Ilan. We were speechless! Later, we learnt that, thanks to our introduction at the webpage, crew of Town All invited Master Lin Rong-chun and Cloth-horse Formation Association of Zhu An Elementary School to perform. Our excitement is beyond descriptions of words. To enable more and more people to notice the disappearing traditional art from the introduction on our webpages is the power to drive us to continue our research. We were so very delighted that our research achievements won everyone¡¦s attention. It is our greatest hope to make people pay attention to the disappearing traditional art through our project research. In the future, we hope more people will be influenced by our attentiveness on the research and continue working on digging and recording everything in Taiwan.



V. Respect of intellectual property rights and citation?

Besides composition by our members, the cited words (including those from books, periodicals and the Internet, etc) are specified in accordance with the APA format our teachers introduced. As for pictures, we e-mailed the owners of the pictures, explained our research program and requested the permission of use. Information of many people is required during the research.

However, we were not that familiar with the intellectual property right. We had to spend time contacting the owners of pictures back and forth before we were citing properly while we might use them right away from the Internet. We felt that it was a tedious job. However, our teachers told us that it was the respect to the composer. Vice versa, we also hope that we will be notified in advance prior to citation of our webpages by other people.



VI. Discoveries, lessons and surprises?

We did not learn that Cloth-horse Formation is only available in Yunlin and Ilan until we did this project research. Master Lin Rong-chun¡¦s Cloth-horse Formation performance further blends the local Taiwan Operas and adds color boats and clams in his performances. The specialty finally enabled him to win Chuan Yi Award. His story makes us realize that, with creative thinking of individuals and persistence, traditional art will change with the time and generate a new life beyond traditions.

 Although Cloth-horse Formation wanes with ageing of Master Lin Rong-chun, we believe, as long as we have the will, we will be able to preserve and enhance the disappearing traditional art in another way. At the moment, many people have contact with Cloth-horse Formation because of our publicity and refreshed their memories of Cloth-horse Formation. This is the most significant gains and discovery of the teachers and students in the project research.