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  Taipei Municipal Xi-Hu Elementary School

Lion’s Dance Performance for the Mother’s Day celebration
Lion's Dance Performance for the Mother's Day celebration
Xi-hu Elementary School is located in the Neihu District in Taipei. With unique geographic location, Xi-hu Elementary School is in one of the best school and residential districts in Taipei. At the back of Xi-hu Elementary School are 285 Lane Market and Snack Street. Due to the fast development of Neihu Science Park, more and more office workers flood into this area that consequently leads to the rapid prosperity of culinary business. A wildly numerous choices of dining have become one of the most outstanding features of our community. Therefore, we decided to locate our research target in culinary culture, and used Taiwanese Flavor Taiwanese Friendliness-Howgi Tan-a-Mi as our research topic for the cyber fair 2006.
Our theme Taiwanese Flavor Taiwanese Friendliness not only introduces traditional Taiwanese cuisine-Tan-a-Mi, but also emphasize on the interior decoration of Howgi Tan-a-Mi. By exhibiting pieces of Taiwanese folk craftsmanship and culture, Howgi delivers a sense of affection for Taiwanese folk tradition. We also apply our research to the integrative activities of folk culture learning activities.
Lion’s Dance Performance in the Students’ Talent Show
Lion's Dance Performance in the Students' Talent Show
In order to celebrate Mother's Day, Xi-hu Elementary School organized a dramatic performance course to prepare for the lion's dance performance to integrate into Learning Areas of Humanities and Arts. The teacher showed students images of Lion's dance and taught students how to make a lion's head by using bamboo sieves, construction paper, poster paints as well as other necessary materials. During the class, students had group discussion and prepared for the lion's dance in different groups. On Mother's Day, students got to perform the lion dance as one of their celebration activities.
From the perspective of art, making a lion's head may just about basic graphic designs and color schemes. However, from the perspective of promoting local cultural education, this creative and meaningful learning activity is the best way to fulfill the goal of local cultural education.
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