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  Bai Bing-Bing Talks about Howgi

Miss Bai Bing-Bing, famous local Taiwanese singer
Miss Bai Bing-Bing, famous local Taiwanese singer
Taiwan's History is written by our ancestors' struggle.
It's a place filled with warmth and hospitality left by our ancestors.
Prestigious traditions passed down to one generation to another.
Share our culture and prosperity with the world.

This song is in the record sung by Miss Bai Bing-Bing in the Taiwan GOGOGO records. It shares the same passion for Taiwan as Howgi's Taiwan GOGOGO series of souvenirs. Miss Bai is also a regular customer of Howgi. We interviewed her to know more about her opinions on Howgi.
A Flavor Missed in Childhood
Miss Bai is a very frugal person.
Miss Bai is a very frugal person.
Miss Bai began the interview with a joke which broke the ice between us because she noticed that we were very nervous about talking to a super star like her. Then, we asked her how she first got to know Howgi. She told us that Howgi serves traditional dishes of her generation. However, because her family was really poor, she never got a chance to taste any of those dishes. She dreamed that some day she'd be able to enjoy those delicious dishes she couldn't have in her childhood. Then a friend of hers introduced Howgi to her. She finally had her dream come true here in Howgi! Besides, since she is a very frugal person, she is particularly satisfied with Howgi's fair price and delicious cuisines. That's how she became a regular customer of Howgi.
Impressed by Uncle Dong Gwa's Hospitality
Impressed by Uncle Dong Gwa’s Hospitality
Impressed by Uncle Dong Gwa's Hospitality
Before Miss Bai came to Howgi, she searched for information about Howgi online and discovered that many food critic websites mentioned Howgi Tan-a-Mi. She was even intrigued. Therefore she came to explore this restaurant with her friends.
When she got to Howgi, she was first greeted by Uncle Dong Gwa. Because She once had a TV commercial featuring Dong Gwa Tea (white gourd tea), she felt a sense of cordiality with this short loose-fitting guy like her. Besides a huge discount, Uncle Dong Gwa also complimented her with some signature dishes. Thus, Miss Bai not only fulfilled her childhood dream, but also relived the hospitality of early Taiwanese society.
Delicate Taiwanese Cuisines
Miss Bai told us that she once wanted to eat the best oysters, she went all the way to Wang-Gong fishing port in Changhwa county because this place has the best oysters in Taiwan. However, after tasting the oysters at Wang-Gong, she missed oysters of Howgi even more. Howgi uses the best foodstuff from all around Taiwan and preserve its original flavor with uncomplicated yet excellent culinary skill. Take threadfin perch for example, which is probably Taiwanese people's favorite kind of fish. On Howgi's plate, diners can still taste its freshness.
Howgi, Very Taiwanese
Cheer for Taiwan
Cheer for Taiwan
We asked Miss Bai about her feelings towards Howgi. She commented that Howgi is very “Taiwanese” that whenever she comes here, she feels at home. Not only do Howgi's cuisines and interior design give away traditional Taiwanese flavor, but also its genuine hospitality and fair price.
Nowadays, people are more utilitarian-oriented. Many unique Taiwanese traditions are fading away. However, thanks to Howgi for preserving this tradition. From Howgi's slangs, we can tell its enthusiasm in maintaining the tradition. Balancing between tradition and trend is such a dilemma. Howgi's proprietor is carefully dealing with this dilemma with his wisdom. He successfully established his business full of Taiwanese flavor and Taiwanese spirit by presenting good food, preserving genuine flavor, making friends with its customers, and most importantly, by his undying insistence and enthusiasm toward Taiwan.
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