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  Howgi Staffs

Mr. Chen Tzi-Siang, the manager
Mr. Chen Tzi-Siang, the manager
There are more than eighty employees in Howgi now. After interviews with Mr. Lin, Aunt A-mei and some other staffs of Howgi, we realized that the success of Howgi should be attributed to the consorted effort of all Howgi staffs.
Mr. Chen Tzi-Siang, the Manager
With lots of questions and imagination in mind, we, the Tan-a-Mi-philes, came to Howgi for the first time. It was the manager, Mr. Chen Tzi-Siang, who came to receive us. The 29-year-old Mr. Chen first came to work at Howgi as a cook through another employee’s introduction. He became a waiter later and then was promoted to the manger because of his great job performance. Now he is in charge of the flow and the quality of food. Although some of us had dined at Howgi several times before, we were still very curious abut the decorations of the restaurant and the choice of ingredients. We were sure that Mr. Chen would give us satisfying answers.
Mr. Tzong Yong-Shun, the Chef
Mr. Tzong Yon-Shun, the chef
Mr. Tzong Yon-Shun, the chef
Gourmets all know that the key figure of a restaurant is the chef. This key figure must have excellent skills, sensitive nose and creative ideas as well. He has to acquire the updated information all the time and keep customers’ need in mind. Mr. Tzong is just like this. He is responsible for processing cold cuts in front of customers. Once, we stood beside him to watch him work. His sharp knife moved fast and rhythmically while he greeted the customers from time to time. His great skill earned everyone’s admiration.
The Dishwashers
Streams of customers come to Howgi to consume plates of delicious food every day, which means there are thousands of pieces of tableware to be washed. How to wash them in an organized and efficient way depends on the cleaners and dishwashers. They operate a dishwasher machine that costs more than 2 million NT dollars(US$62,500)! Now matter how greasy the dishes are, after the machine rinses, they’ll become sparkling clean again.
Waiters Who Take Orders
Each staff is a hero of Howgi
Each staff is a hero of Howgi
Waiters who are responsible for taking orders work in the front line of service. They have to speculate what customers like in order to promote the sales of food in stock. Now and then, they have to recommend customers the dishes the chefs newly created. The most important job of the staff is to have good interaction with customers. Therefore, only experienced employees can be assigned to the job.
Waiters Who Serve Dishes
The waiters who bring the food to customers may not rank at the top in Howgi. However, if the service has to be done quickly and accurately, the key lies in their wisdom.
The cashiers need to know how to operate a computer with a big touch screen to input the orders. Besides adding up the bills, they are also busy with stamping parking certification, giving candies to children and handing out Howgi souvenirs. Howgi’s good reputation in Taipei is a result of its teamwork. Each employee is indispensable to Mr. Lin and Aunt A-mei. They and their employees together draw the blueprint for a successful restaurant. And they are always doing their best to make their dream come true.
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