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  Having a Wedding Banquet? Go for A-Bi Hanten

A-Bi Hanten
A-Bi Hanten
In the past, it seemed that Tan-a-Mi would never be considered as a banquet dish. Tan-a-Mi was never considered presentable on a feast menu. However, the customers of Howgi made the miracle happen.
Few years ago, Mr. and Mrs. Lin Chi-hon heard their customers complain that there was no high-end restaurant serving Taiwanese food. They started to think about opening A-Bi Hanten serving different Taiwanese local foods. They want to make the public feel that Taiwanese food can also be served at a fancy hotel.
Taiwanese Food of A-Bi Hanten
In order to offer customers various choices of food, Mr. Lin bought the three-story apartment next to Big Howgi and redesigned it as a restaurant serving Taiwanese banquet. Howgi's Chefs were assigned to different places to learn different culinary skills of Taiwanese food. These chefs contributed what they learned back to Howgi. That's why customers can now enjoy different local foods from all around Taiwan without leaving Taipei.
The Wedding Banquet
From feast to wedding party
From feast to wedding party
The intelligent Mr. Lin took customers' advice on reconstructing part of the apartment next to Big Howgi as a venue to hold wedding banquets and other kinds of ceremonies. This venue is equipped with all the facilities a party requires, such as stereos, lighting, karaoke machines, and even digital LCD video systems, you name it. Happy couples are sure to have the most memorable days of their life in A-Bi Hanten.
The Chinese Interior Design of A-Bi Hanten
The main decorations in the restaurant are antiques. A restaurant of ancient paintings and furniture can provide a wonderful place for all walks of life to enjoy a relaxed dining experience. A-Bi Hanten is like a time machine that drives customers away from the daily hustle and bustle so that they can fully enjoy delicate cuisines and good wine in a peaceful paradise.
Striving for Perfection
Mr. Lin has been in the restaurant business for fifteen years. He keeps trying expanding the diversity of Taiwanese food. “Freshness” and “top quality” are the unchanging aims and missions of A-Bi Hanten. Although it's a retro-style theme restaurant, it doesn't mean that the qualities of food and service are compromised. Mr. Lin has always been running it as a five-star hotel. He demands highly of himself and his employees. Only experienced chefs can be in charge of banquets. Through their ingenious hands, a new look of local Taiwanese food has been reconstructed.
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