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Taiwan Five broadleaf trees

Taiwan zelkova

Formosan Michelia

Stout Camphor


Taiwan Sassafras



        There are various applications of wood for different need and requests. People classify the wood by its properties and price. British scholar H.J.Elwis proposed the top 5 plants of Taiwan in the wake of top 5 plants of Japan. That’s the origin of Top 5 plants in Taiwan. Since top 5 plants of Taiwan are all conifers, scholars proposed to select top 5 broadleaves against top 5 plants.

         But there are so many broadleaves species available in Taiwan, and a coincident standard is hard to achieve. So we don’t have selected top 5 broadleaves available. In this research, professionals voted from 8 representative species selected by Forestry Research Institute.

         The top 5 in the voting are: Taiwan zelkova (Zelkova formosana), Formosan Michelia (Michelia compressa), Stout Camphor (Cinnamomum micranthum), Camphor (Cinnamomum Camphora), Taiwan Sassafras (Sassafras randaiense). That’s the origin of Top 5 Broadleaves of Taiwan.


Source: Website of Taiwan Forestry Research Institute, Council of Agriculture, Executive Yuan.


Please visit the website of Taiwan Forestry Research Institute for more information.

資料與圖片來源:行政院農業委員會林業試驗所網站    http://www.tfri.gov.tw/